Hello there.

My name is Andrey Danilov and I write code in C#.

Links: GitHub | Telegram | mail
I work mostly on private GitLab repositories so that's why there's no GitHub contributions since then.
I started as C# developer, currently working as backend developer with 8 years of experience in development and maintenance of systems and application software. More than 3 years of WinForms and WPF experience. Curious about web development to become full-stack developer.

I use and love:

I have worked at:

Brandlink (since Nov 2019)
Cashback platform.
Developing backend services from scratch, enchancing existing codebase in a clusterized microservices environment.
Rift (Mar 2017 - Apr 2020)
League of Legends Discord server for CIS region.
Created chat bot from scratch using Discord and Riot Games APIs on microservices architecture.
Ludum Dare (2014 - 2016)
Rapid game development event.
Participated in several events creating small games using C# + Unity in small team.
GladCraft (Dec 2010 - Jul 2014)
Minecraft server.
Created game launcher/updater from scratch using WinForms and later upgraded it to WPF.